Dr. Frank Diak, The Happiness Psychologist

I am a licensed counseling psychologist with a uniquely positive approach. I specialize in helping you feel better, achieve your goals, and live a happy life. 

My approach to psychotherapy is different. I am more interested in what is right with your life than what is wrong with it. I focus on solutions, not problems. 
Working with your unique strengths, creativity, and intelligence we collaborate to solve your problems. Together we overcome challenges, resolve psychological issues, reach goals, enhance relationships, and improve your life!

If you want to live the happy life you've dreamt of you've come to the right place!

Call or email today for further information, or to schedule an appointment! I offer evening appointments. 

Feel Better

  • Feel happy 
  • Feel calm 
  • Feel relaxed  
  • Feel confident 
  • Cultivate a peaceful mind 
  • Discover peace of mind 
  • Exercise strategies
  • Diet change, right eating 
  • Exercise habits
  • Sleep better
  • Healthy habit change
  • Understand your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors 
  • Practice healthy habits and behaviors
  • A warm and supportive environment
  • Work through issues
  • Objective, professional feedback 
  • Therapeutic homework assignments

Navigate Life's Important Passages

  • Birth of baby
  • Marriage
  • Beginning school
  • Divorce
  • End of significant relationship
  • Leaving home
  • Developing independence
  • New career
  • Career development
  • Search for personal meaning
  • Death of loved one
  • Retirement

Reach Personal Goals

  • Set meaningful goals
  • Encouragement, support, and motivation
  • Overcome challenges
  • Create solutions 
  • Strive for your goals
  • Excel in your career
  • Live a healthy lifestyle
  • Dissertation coaching
  • EPPP examination coaching

Improve Relationships

  • How to make friends 
  • Social skills
  • Dating skills
  • Single life
  • Men's issues
  • Create satisfying relationships
  • Create fulfilling relationships
  • Marriage counseling
  • Divorce support
  • Family conflict
  • Coworker conflict
  • Friend conflict

Live A Happy Life

  • Feel happier
  • Clarify your values 
  • Strike out in the direction of your dreams 
  • Restore balance to your life
  • Learn to be present for your life
  • Explore what would really make you happy
  • Personal growth