About Dr Diak

Dr. W. F. Diak III Licensed Psychologist #PY8129

Dr. Diak earned a Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology from top-ranked Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He attended highly ranked Rutgers University in New Jersey, from which he earned a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology. Over twenty years of experience in the mental health field gives Dr. Diak valuable insight into how to help clients. 

Dr. Diak lives in beautiful Palm Harbor, Florida in Pinellas County. He is licensed for the professional practice of psychology by the Florida Board of Psychology, a division of the Florida Department of Health.

Dr. Diak is a member of the American Psychological Association and The Florida Psychological Association. He is a past Treasurer of The Florida Psychological Association for the Pinellas Chapter.

Dr. Diak is fully insured by The Trust insurance company.

What does licensure mean for you?

State licensure is your assurance that you are dealing with a professional who meets rigorous standards of education, training, and experience. Licensed psychologists are required by law to remain current in their field of practice.

In the United States, psychologists must be licensed by their state board of psychology if they wish to practice as an independent professional. The professional practice of psychology is highly regulated by the state board of psychology.

Licensure is a highly rigorous process that ensures that independently practicing psychologists meet the highest standards of education, training, and experience.

In Florida psychologists must graduate from an accredited doctoral program recognized by the American Psychological Association, must complete a psychology internship of 2,000 hours (a full year), complete an additional 2,000 hours (another full year) of experience under the supervision of a licensed psychologist, pass the comprehensive national psychology exam (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology), and pass an examination demonstrating that they understand the laws regarding the practice of psychology in Florida (the Florida Laws and Rules Examination). 

In addition, psychologists are required to stay current in the field of psychology by attending forty hours of continuing education every two years throughout their career. A psychologist in Florida is required to uphold the exacting rules and laws of The Florida Board of Psychology, a division of the Florida Department of Health.

You may verify that Dr. Diak has met all these requirements, is a licensed psychologist, and that his license is current by visiting the website of the Florida Department of Health: