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Is it really you that's the problem?

                Or is it just a change in your life situation?

If you visit a traditional xxx the unspoken assumption is that there is something wrong with you. That you are the cause of your problems. That you need fixing. That you are broken. That something is wrong with your mental health. Or that you have a mental disease, or a mental disorder. They tell you so, subtly, in so many words. 

Is it any wonder that so few people want to see a xxx?

At The Happiness Psychologist  we're different. We don't think that way. 

                                    We believe that every human being experiences problems in living. 

    Life presents us all with challenges. 

Sadness, loneliness, worry, fears, love, and anger. Often uncomfortable feelings like these follow changes in our life situation. 

  •  marriage
  • birth
  •  accidents
  •  friends moving away
  •  crisis
  •  attending a new school
  •  divorce
  •  new job
  •  job change
  •  children leaving home
  •  retirement
  •  loss of a loved one

These important events may be recognized by society, such as the transition to a new life that marriage brings. Or they may not. Like the private thoughts, and feelings that swirl through our mind when we enter an important relationship, leave a job, or move to a new city.

Life events may be internal or external.

Other times, nothing on the outside world seems to be changing, but we are. We are always changing, growing, developing, stretching our limits. As we mature we encounter new feelings, new experiences, and new thoughts. Along the way we must develop new ways of living. We learn how to cope with stress, deal with others, live in the moment, care for ourselves, and plan for the future. 

Usually we figure things out for ourselves. But every now and then every person can use a helping hand. 

We're here to provide that helping hand. At The Happiness Psychologist we act as your personal growth guide, and help you adjust to the events of your life. We help using simple, powerful, positive counseling techniques. Mindfulness, meditation, problem-solving, developing solutions, rediscovering your values, and your purpose in life. We can help you get back on track. And stay there.

                                        We believe that every client is xxx. 

                                                                        And that every client deserves our respect and support.

To many people we're like a breath of fresh air. We offer them hope, guidance, and a way out of the situations they're in. Without all the labeling and blaming. Call today for an appointment.

Additional copy:

Sometimes we change... (internal)

We can help with that.

Sometimes the world changes... (external)

We can help with that.