Solutions, Goals, Life Coaching


You don't need to have a "mental health" problem to benefit from my services. I will help you with any of the challenges in your life. These include finding a satisfying relationship with someone special, going to the next level in your career, feeling happier, reaching a goal, achieving balance in your life, improving communication with your partner, solving problems, and many others. Using techniques based in counseling psychology, life coaching, and other positive, solution-focused approaches I will help you achieve your goals, meet life's challenges, and design the life of your dreams.

Achieving Goals

Goals are dreams with deadlines. If you want to achieve a particular goal I will help you brainstorm, make a plan, stay motivated and on track, and overcome obstacles. Goals may include excelling in your career, starting an exciting new career, creating a business, meeting the woman or man of your dreams, making more money, adopting a healthier lifestyle, finishing a dissertation, and more. There are as many worthwhile goals as there are people in the world.

Meeting Life's Challenges

Life is full of challenges. Problems are opportunities in disguise. If you have a particular problem I will work with you to solve it. If you are facing a particular challenge, we will face it together and conquer it.

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