Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness

Traditionally the focus of psychotherapy has been on alleviating suffering and solving problems. As the field of psychology has evolved psychologists have begun to understand to importance of helping clients live a happy life. Some psychologists call this achieving authentic happiness.

In life we have the opportunity for great suffering as well as great happiness. I believe that most problems result from unhappiness. The ultimate purpose of psychotherapy is to help clients move from the condition of suffering to the condition of true happiness.

For example, happiness is more than a lack of depression. It involves feeling truly happy most of the time. Living a calm, peaceful life is more than a lack of anxiety. It involves feeling truly calm and peaceful most of the time. Likewise, solving most problems in life involves moving beyond simply removing the problem, but towards creating the thoughts, feelings, and actions that are truly desired. To The Happiness Psychologist, the purpose of psychological counseling is not only to alleviate problems but also to help clients live a full and happy life.

When we are unhappy we are experiencing the lack of our normal satisfying state of mind or situation.

Consider these examples:

  • Sadness is the lack of Happiness
  • Anxiety is the lack of Relaxation
  • Busy Mind is the lack of Calm Mind
  • Isolation is the lack of Socializing
  • Aloneness is the lack of Togetherness
  • Fearfulness is the lack of Confidence
States of mind and situations occur along a continuum. 

For example:

Sadness-----Neutral Mood-----Happiness

Loneliness-----Some Social Contact-----Satisfying Relationships

Optimal Outcomes

The goal of psychotherapy is to assist you in achieving an optimum outcome; not merely alleviate suffering. In the first example, happiness is the optimal goal, in the second example, satisfying relationships is the optimal goal.

If you are depressed I will help you move along the continuum: from feeling depressed, to not feeling depressed, to the optimum goal of feeling happy. If you are anxious I will help you move from feeling anxious, to not feeling anxious, to the optimum goal of feeling calm and peaceful. 

Achieving Happiness

Of course, you do not need to be depressed, or anxious, or lonely, to increase your happiness. Dr. Diak will work with you on achieving the happy life you desire, even if you do not have a problem to solve or psychological issue.

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